Thursday, March 1, 2012

...The darkness hugged me hard...

Morning seemed fresh and beautiful,
I could hear the birds chirp through my window
Oh today it might be her day of glory
I never did love nature so much
My oh My.. She is beautiful..

Born a Catholic I did confess yesterday
Little did I have to confess then.
Regular confessions did keep me sin free
My heart felt light and I enjoyed my life
My oh My.. Life is beautiful..

I looked at the mirror today,
Oh! I am handsome. Looks do win hearts
Today I was at my best but li'l pale
Some use them wise, some use them wild
My oh My.. I used them smart..

I kissed the floor and looked around my room
There was a drawing at a corner.
My son used to draw such ones on our walls.
I walked towards it, this was different and painful.
My oh My.. I miss my son..

I sat on the chair and took the box in hand
Which was given to me last day.
It had my favorite Cuban Cigar.
Knowing it a sign of bad etiquette, I smelled the cigar
My oh My.. It tasted better this day.

My name was called and health was checked
And they said I was at my best.
This brought no smile on me nor on him.
Our eyes were filled for he knew me well.
My oh My.. He made me cold and weak.

I walked down the corridor with short steps
I was weak and felt my heart to pound hard
Was I to die or was I to live?
No miracle awaits me for this day was sure.
My oh My.. When will the truth be proved?

The base creaked loud in a room so silent
I stood there and looked at people so cold
None spoke for moments which made me hear my heart
It seemed to panic for even the last hopes were off
My oh My.. Why are the moments merciless?

After reading out my crime a man walked beside,
He put a cloth blocking my vision.
His words made me smile. "Sorry I have to do this.."
From then I heard my heart and saw the color of death
My oh My.. Death was dark and its steps pounded.

Moments did pass and I heard a man shout,
"Stop! This man should be freed"
Those words would have been the words of joy.
But it seemed to have born from my hopes.
The actual words said ,"Hang him now..."

The darkness hugged me hard and silence prevailed

Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Sister, One life and shalt it be with no mistakes...

So many poems, so many blogs,
Little did they speak about a Sister.
Strange it seemed, for none did perfect,
None could express their love for a Sister.
Now here I am making another vain attempt.

Later last year living a life in pain,
I looked around for things of joy.
With little hopes, I lived loving and caring,
For I knew God had plans for me,
Had little pain, but I high hopes.

Every day I smiled and did pat myself,
Every day I comforted myself.
For one day I was to find a reason to smile.
For one day I was to walk an extra mile.
With those moments of joy to cherish.

There she stood with the need of a hug,
There she stood with a smile of comfort.
There she stood with the eyes filled with tears,
There she stood with a need to be pampered.
Oh Lord! She was a package of love.

Many at times, I saw guys being pampered,
Many at times, I saw them pampering.
But, I just had the chance to be pampered.
Lord, why was I not blessed with an Angel?
Why can I not pamper? Am I a cursed?

Now here after years I see my Sister
All waiting for her Brother.
Weak was she for she needed a Brother's hug
A hug so warm and consoling.
Oh God! What took you so long to bring her to me.

Smile, Smile and never cry is what I chant,
Yet the days were spent with tears and quarrel.
I asked the Lord, "Was I sent for this?"
The Lord just smiled and took me to his lap
and said, "Oh son, tears of joy are what you see in her"

Now I see her smile and I know I have guarded well,
Ivory was she but now she stands all red
Days I lost can never be bought,
But today and tomorrow is what I have.
I shall live and keep you smiling for its a vow.

Oh Sister! Fight less, love more.
Cry less, smile more for the Lord
Shout less, hug more for the Lord
For the Lord who brought us together
Can part us for he might take us fiends.

Weak is my hand but strong for you,
Coward am I but brave for you.
For years of praying has gifted me a Sister
No foolishness of mine should part my blood.
One Sister, One life and shalt it be with no mistakes

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today is not my day

Late I slept, for the work had killed me,
The night seemed short for I slept li'l.
Before the alarm, a call woke me up,
Knowing it to be my Mom's,
I answered with a smile.

Little did I recognize the place I was in,
I failed to recognize my room.
The news was loud and clear,
"Dad has gone to be with Jesus!"
I sat up on my bed for I still couldn't believe.

I asked her where she was,
For which she said, "I am home."
I rushed for a shower,
Came back to my room and informed a few.
My fingers stopped when it reached a number so special.

Rushed out my home, took my drive out
and hit the road real hard.
My eyes were filled and could barely see the road,
But was sure for "Today is not my day"
My heart kept saying "Today is not my day"

I reached the home where my Grandpa lay still,
A man who never stayed idle, now lay frozen.
A man who never liked being touched 
was now being attended by his kids.
There he lay abreast with a pride unknown.

My senses were back for now I was not to rest,
Entire family stood in mourning.
He was stubborn till his death,
Embraced an elegant death with wisdom.
Now the faces around me lost their smile,

There lay the man who once was a roaring lion,
There lay the man who touched hearts with a smile,
There lay the man who once spoke the words of wisdom,
There lay the man in silence awaiting his judgement.
There lay the man in peace.

It was a surprise to see his grey hair having turned black,
It was a surprise to see him five years younger,
His body was no more weak, his eyes weren't sunk,
He lay still which made me believe he wasn't dead.
For a moment I felt like waking him up.

A good son, a good man,
A good husband, a good dad,
A good grandpa were how we identified him.
With his great service he served all with love.
Now is not my time. I have to live in the path he showed.

I shalt live, live long to keep his pride high and flying.
I shalt live, to tell the tales of my grandpa.
I shalt live, to win the hearts of a million.
I shalt rest when the God would ask me to.
But today I would say, "Today is definitely not my Day"

A tribute to my Grandpa Mr. M.V. Francis, Retd. Superintendent of High Court, Enquiry Commission Officer. A Grandpa who gave me such a wonderful Mom.. Love you lot Appacha and love you lot Mom....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Morals die...

Today I knew the beats of world

I lived my life hoping my world had morals,

Trust is all I valued,

But the truth was hard to digest

The ingested truths were all a lie

All around, I see faithless faith,

First blow to my faith came from my girl,

Second mighty blow from my friends shook me.

Today I stand on the great streets that lead to life

These streets once told me stories to keep me going,

Tellers lied for their stories were topped with lie,

All a lie that I expected least.

Am I to correct or to stay idle, Oh! My faith is shaken,

Looking into their eyes I see the promises made.

Would you be offended...

Would you be offended if I touched you?

Would you be offended if I pulled you close?

Would you be offended if I touched your lips?

Would you be offended if I called you my soul?

No is the word I want to hear,

Don’t be rude for my acts are to please my instincts

Call me pervert if you want to, but then the love would be pervert

How long should I keep my feelings burning in me?

Smile for me now, for I have seen all your other faces,

Take me to your private rooms of heart,

And show my name written on the walls where I could feel my breath

My walls are sold out to a name which I found to be sweet.

Would you be offended if I called you my girl?

I dare to show the world my girl for she made me love.

Would you be offended if I sang this song for you?

It’s no lullaby, but the words of a heart that loveth you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

That night with you and me...

The night was bathed in moonlight,
Music of silence was heard loud.
Here we stood in the midst of nowhere,
Just me and her, bound in love and trust.

I moved closer to take her arms in mine.
I felt her palm cold in shiver.
I touched her lips and saw her tremble.
I felt her breath warm and sweet.

Tonight my soul was to be freed,
The sorrows and pain were to flee.
I now heard the birds sing,
The song of blessing were heard loud.

I touched her lips, now dry and cold,
My lips had longed for this day,
The day for us to be bound in love and trust.
Our souls were pure, off from lust bound in love.

Rain's Kiss brings blossom,
Early Sun's Kiss brings Life and Beauty,
Yet my Lips thirsts for your kiss,
It brings meaning and spirit to my life.

Let the beauty of your lips shine on mine.
Let your touch adore my body,
Let your trust jewel my soul.
Here I see your dimples in shadows.

Your eyes spoke to me everything you wanted,
Your nasal line brushed mine.

(To be continued...)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Left in my room with moments joy,
I wait holding the gadget,
A gadget that helped me see her,
A gadget that spoke her heart.

I spoke the words that came from heart,
What stopped her is a mystery.
Is it love or does she feel I am her friend.
I rejoice for I have her...

But the joy was short lived,
The words that once soothed, now hurts.
I have feelings for I am human.
I feel you from a distance unknown.

When you turned around,
I prayed to lord for your joy.
Now you blame me for a reason unknown.
Can I not be the reason of joy?

I deserve respect, a dignity,
Which I believe is my right so is yours.
Man or Woman deserves respect,
A heart intoxicated.

Face may hide your pains,
Thoughts might gift you pain.
Your intoxicated smile
Whispers to my ears...

Wherever you are...
Whoever stays by you...
Your smile is intoxicated...
Don’t let them be washed by toxins...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let the immortal die...

Oh lord! I see men fight for power
Men kill men for glory.
Men die for love.
Still man long to live.
A life to kill and hurt.

Oh lord! shut your ears,
for their prayers should be unanswered.
Men starve for love and food,
Here he stands to kill,
with a prayer to save his soul.

Oh lord! Give me strength to strike,
Born immortal is my curse.
Let the immortal die, For I am in grief.
Seen my dear ones part,
I see no mercy, I see no love.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you smile when she cries?

Born in a nation with beauty,
I never knew what my nation stood for.
The moments of joy and glory,
Were the gifts I gained from the host.

Years later I saw my nation,
A nation that had promises undead.
Now living in the nation with pain,
A pain that can be healed only by its kids.

Tonight I weep, for my nation suffers,
With many of its men being brutal.
I came back for my nation,
With a hope to repay my nation.

Gained a little, but seen many.
Many who stood for the nation,
Died young for they loved us.
We see none but see ourselves.

Some see the enemy within,
to wage a war against our brothers..
Can we stand up, can we not call out,
The names of the men who made us proud

Tonight I see my nation stay bowed,
For her children betrayed her.
Her love is no more felt,
Wake up for this is our love.

Wake up all lovers, for she is your love.
Wake up all looser, for she will bring glory.
Wake up all men, for she made your life.
Stand up for a nation that bought you up.

I stay alone, with a hope to change,
Change the nation where I live.
The nation for whom all my world revolved.
Can you smile when she cries?

Monday, July 6, 2009

For I can sing no more....

Once I heard my voice echo,
It pleaded for mercy.
I shouted back for I hated mercy.
I heard my voice plead.

Blend with pain, my voice moaned,
It had request and words to please.
Days of joy and freedom was felt no more,
For things have changed and here I stand.

Friend was a thought, a theory unproved.
In a city where people greed
Had no stories of friendship.
Things moved and words of fury did breed.

For life is long and things change,
some bonds break for not to unite.
Some bonds break for a hope to unite.
And some break just to strengthen.

I can sing no more, for my throat is dry.
The mercy was taken, grace was forbidden
The thought of a friend scares me more,
For now I live with a hope to move.

Life won't stop for it has a pace,
If you win it's your fate.
If you loose the ones close would moan,
For I can sing no more....
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