Saturday, January 23, 2010

When Morals die...

Today I knew the beats of world

I lived my life hoping my world had morals,

Trust is all I valued,

But the truth was hard to digest

The ingested truths were all a lie

All around, I see faithless faith,

First blow to my faith came from my girl,

Second mighty blow from my friends shook me.

Today I stand on the great streets that lead to life

These streets once told me stories to keep me going,

Tellers lied for their stories were topped with lie,

All a lie that I expected least.

Am I to correct or to stay idle, Oh! My faith is shaken,

Looking into their eyes I see the promises made.

Would you be offended...

Would you be offended if I touched you?

Would you be offended if I pulled you close?

Would you be offended if I touched your lips?

Would you be offended if I called you my soul?

No is the word I want to hear,

Don’t be rude for my acts are to please my instincts

Call me pervert if you want to, but then the love would be pervert

How long should I keep my feelings burning in me?

Smile for me now, for I have seen all your other faces,

Take me to your private rooms of heart,

And show my name written on the walls where I could feel my breath

My walls are sold out to a name which I found to be sweet.

Would you be offended if I called you my girl?

I dare to show the world my girl for she made me love.

Would you be offended if I sang this song for you?

It’s no lullaby, but the words of a heart that loveth you.

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