Saturday, July 25, 2009


Left in my room with moments joy,
I wait holding the gadget,
A gadget that helped me see her,
A gadget that spoke her heart.

I spoke the words that came from heart,
What stopped her is a mystery.
Is it love or does she feel I am her friend.
I rejoice for I have her...

But the joy was short lived,
The words that once soothed, now hurts.
I have feelings for I am human.
I feel you from a distance unknown.

When you turned around,
I prayed to lord for your joy.
Now you blame me for a reason unknown.
Can I not be the reason of joy?

I deserve respect, a dignity,
Which I believe is my right so is yours.
Man or Woman deserves respect,
A heart intoxicated.

Face may hide your pains,
Thoughts might gift you pain.
Your intoxicated smile
Whispers to my ears...

Wherever you are...
Whoever stays by you...
Your smile is intoxicated...
Don’t let them be washed by toxins...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let the immortal die...

Oh lord! I see men fight for power
Men kill men for glory.
Men die for love.
Still man long to live.
A life to kill and hurt.

Oh lord! shut your ears,
for their prayers should be unanswered.
Men starve for love and food,
Here he stands to kill,
with a prayer to save his soul.

Oh lord! Give me strength to strike,
Born immortal is my curse.
Let the immortal die, For I am in grief.
Seen my dear ones part,
I see no mercy, I see no love.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you smile when she cries?

Born in a nation with beauty,
I never knew what my nation stood for.
The moments of joy and glory,
Were the gifts I gained from the host.

Years later I saw my nation,
A nation that had promises undead.
Now living in the nation with pain,
A pain that can be healed only by its kids.

Tonight I weep, for my nation suffers,
With many of its men being brutal.
I came back for my nation,
With a hope to repay my nation.

Gained a little, but seen many.
Many who stood for the nation,
Died young for they loved us.
We see none but see ourselves.

Some see the enemy within,
to wage a war against our brothers..
Can we stand up, can we not call out,
The names of the men who made us proud

Tonight I see my nation stay bowed,
For her children betrayed her.
Her love is no more felt,
Wake up for this is our love.

Wake up all lovers, for she is your love.
Wake up all looser, for she will bring glory.
Wake up all men, for she made your life.
Stand up for a nation that bought you up.

I stay alone, with a hope to change,
Change the nation where I live.
The nation for whom all my world revolved.
Can you smile when she cries?

Monday, July 6, 2009

For I can sing no more....

Once I heard my voice echo,
It pleaded for mercy.
I shouted back for I hated mercy.
I heard my voice plead.

Blend with pain, my voice moaned,
It had request and words to please.
Days of joy and freedom was felt no more,
For things have changed and here I stand.

Friend was a thought, a theory unproved.
In a city where people greed
Had no stories of friendship.
Things moved and words of fury did breed.

For life is long and things change,
some bonds break for not to unite.
Some bonds break for a hope to unite.
And some break just to strengthen.

I can sing no more, for my throat is dry.
The mercy was taken, grace was forbidden
The thought of a friend scares me more,
For now I live with a hope to move.

Life won't stop for it has a pace,
If you win it's your fate.
If you loose the ones close would moan,
For I can sing no more....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What did I gain Oh Lord?

Born with the silver spoon,
I had little to moan.
Saw the pain of people around
And I knew one day I would cry.
The cry of pain and thirst for survival.

Years had passed and I saw things change,
The smell of favorite cuisines tickled my nose.
I turned around for I was born to rule,
Not to drool on someone Else's food.
Things have changed, changes I can't stand

The thought to live, the thought to win,
drove me to distances I never dreamed of.
The paths I traveled had stains of blood,
I turned around and realized bleeding feet.
Now I stand high with thanks to God.

I have heard of the nature to support,
I have heard of God who bless mankind.
I have seen people help the weak.
Now I stretch out my hand,
The hand that once pleaded mercy is now offering.

I have lost worth, but gained the best,
Things have changed and have settled my unrest mind,
But the loss of my naughty girl shudders me,
A Sister who changed my life stands away.
When things have changed the pain still remain.

Yes Lord, being your follower I sinned,
I loved her more than you,
Won't it be forgiven for its love you taught.
Can I not stand up for her?
Let the loss of my life be balanced.

Is it the wealth and joy I gained?
What is joy without the ones whom I love?
I can see my Sister but can't have her,
I can see my Love, the love who can never accept me
What did I gain Oh Lord?
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