Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A friend so loving...

Back in 4th grade I met her,
Those days were of innocence
for we were young and naughty
I still remember her in pink frock
The day when she celebrated her Birthday

Born to my forefathers kin,
I cared for her and loved her.
For her I was a stranger
and a stupid spoilt child,
Who was a born lover...

Years did pass and we got close,
the more I went away the more was I pulled,
We got closer, more closer that gelled our hearts,
Now is the time to think about future,
can we unite our souls?

We did live our lives just,
I lived a life with friends, friends and more friends.
But hers was a life that just had me.
Am I to care for, am I to tell her my love.
lets live our lives to the fullest.

We smiled, we teased, we taunted,
We hurt, we ran our races.
But beneath we were bound with the care and love,
A love and care unexplained,
For the forces seemed strange and invisible.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How lame a divorce can be...

The world seemed to strangle us,
I stood in the hallway of the court for mercy.
None seemed to show mercy,
For we were blamed for our lives.

I looked at my girl who hugged me hard,
She had her Mother's features.
How could she forget our girl,
for she was the gift of our love.

I looked at the lady whom I had made part of my life,
She stood with her family at a distance,
Though the distance seemed few meters,
Our hearts were strangely apart.

A divorce was what she wanted,
for she always felt that I had no time for her,
A girl whom when I invited to my life,
took her to be granted.

We were one and so I lived for her.
Until I had greater promises from work.
Career came prior sometime
Not knowing what I was loosing I moved.

One day the work seemed less
and there I took a cab home.
The door of my home was close,
I opened the door with my spare key.

I walked into my room and stretched out,
There lay a note on the dressing table.
"I amd leaving for I cant live more with you,
Your daughter is with your sister."

The reason seemed lame,
for a divorce on a topic was dumb.
I have my daughter and now
here I stand with my soul in my hand...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cant the world be of the pure and good?

The night seemed to cry,
The wind blew hard drawing my curtains apart,
I felt great for the night was now cool
I hoped for a sound sleep.

Never thought to be disturbed,
for I had a nightmare.
Something that I couldn't explain
and I woke up and waited for dawn

I saw my bike being hit hard
there was a chapel, the one near my Brother's home.
What is it got to do,
for it was just me who met with the accident

Didn't know how the nightmare had cast it's spell
Instead of a day with hope,
I started my day disturbed.
Not knowing the actual reason

The news came in few hours,
My dearest Brother had met his death,
A death that drained me,
A death that strangled me.

I wished it was a wrong info,
Spoke to my Mom and I heard her weep.
Dad who was strong, rushed to his home,
The news wasn't fake, I have lost my Bro...

I probably realized the care of a Bro through him,
Being at a distance he soothed my pain,
I had little to speak for his smile would heal,
I had lot to share and now I stand alone.

Whom would I call for comfort,
Whom would I smile when I am at church,
Whom would I tease forgetting my flaws,
Wish I had him beside...

God, I know things happen for good,
Can you tell me one good reason 4 his parting.
Is the world meant for the sinners like me?
Cant the world be of the pure and good?

With unseen joy, unseen glory,
He bid good bye, to a world that love him.
Death for the dead would be a comfort,
but for the world he gifts pain.

Martin Chetta... Loved you and will always love you Chetta...

"What did you do for us?"

The room was dark but cozy,
The room smelled good with her fragrance,
I stretched for I had nothing to do,
She sat beside and turned around.

Now its a break from work
for there was a power failure,
I saw her face in the glow of monitor,
She smiled and we spoke about our past.

Having a Major in my life she asked,
From all the people who had moved out your life,
whom would you long to return.
She was already with me so it wasn't she..

Had lived few years with a naughty girl,
A girl for whom I felt living my life wasn't wrong.
Living for a girl friend would be sick,
But I had lived with my Sister...

Few know the reason for why I am here,
Few know what I had done for few lives,
But people tend to forget the meaning of life,
We live lives hoping everything around is right.

"What did you do for us?"
A question that bothered me for the past few years
I am bad at accounting both in Commerce and in life,
Living for your life needs no accounting.

Now is the time to move on,
But every moment I am reminded,
Reminded of a girl to whom I made promises,
A girl who once said there are relations stronger than blood.

Now I see the promises shattered,
We are living in our spheres,
The spheres which would never meet,
The days are long and disturbing...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Curse of an Angel

I dread the long streets with hope,
Hoped a new Sun to rise.
I remembered my promises
The ones I made to my dear ones...

Now I walk away from all
For I felt I had lost my destiny
My future seemed unclear
My clothes are rugged...

The long run had its toil on me
A moments stop with my girl
is all what I remember to comfort
Why does she live a lie...

Some live in truth,
some live in lie cos of fear,
She curses her for her state..
For an angel's curse is never devastating

An Angel's curse is short lived
An Angel is spoilt in his love,
Get up, we have lot to dread
and you have lost your angel...

Without a Guardian I walk
Self defense is all what I have to stop crying
I can move on, but can I ever forget her?
Life's ends don't seem to meet
For An Angel has cursed...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes! Yes...! I am not alone...

Yes I cried loud alone,
Guess I was all alone
I was lost in my thoughts
Was I ever a looser..

Then I met this girl
In a pub with my friend
She was alone with a beer
I stepped up said my name

Oh! Do I know you?
No! No! No! I am just a bearer
Here to deliver an order.
Guess you are at the wrong table

Well, I might be but I have a smile for you
She said, Oh God not again,
I said lets step out and talk,
She came out and cried on me...

Oh God, how can comfort her,
Can she see my heart bleed..
The days that followed blinded us in love
Now I know... "we are alone..."
Yes! Yes...! I am not alone...

I need your miscalls....?

Up in my room I sat with my Laptop
I heard my landline ring...
Mom answered, for I was sure it wasn't for me
My Cellphone was idle for days...

I wished my phone to glow,
But it only glowed when I put it on charge.
Days were all boring,
For it's all silence that I hear around

The voice of silence scare me,
for it has no life and no promise.
I sat the whole day typing
messages for her..

I typed a message and saved it in my cell,
my last message to let her know my love.
We are friends and we stayed by,
The more we stood the more I loved.

Now I wait for her miscalls,
For once I told her,
When you realize you are alive give a miscall
When you know you are dying give a miscall
For I will come along with you to the life after

A miscall makes me think of you,
A message tells me your thought,
Your pics make me nostalgic
The silence around tells me I need you..

Today you have found your love,
when you walked out of my life,
I dint stop for I cared for your happiness.
But I need your miscalls...

It breaks the silence and tells me
"Your friend remembers you...
Cheer up for she is still there as your friend"
Be happy for I will sacrifice my happiness for you..
I just need your miscalls...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Sister from another Mother n Father

From my childhood
I longed for a Sister,
Years later God blessed me.
He blessed me with a sister
A Sister from another Mother n Father

At school many identified
us to be the same blood
God, you did bless me with the best moments
Time did pass by n we lived our lives
with a strong bond and blessed by God...

I lost my Sister for we did become someone's envy
Being the eldest I pulled her back
Everything seemed well
Until our relation was again put on test
I cried this time for I was sure to loose

Years had I lived alone,
Now when things have changed
I stand helpless, for I see her stand away
I could again pull her back
But now I won't, for I should keep her happy

Let she hate me,
Let she not understand,
One day when I am gone she would know my li'l secret
And then I don't want her to cry
For I had only longed for her joy

Years later I saw her again at a college,
Like always I felt her presence,
I saw my blood pass by,
She brushed the wind and went past
God was I wrong?

I stepped into the corridor
Hoping her to turn around,
For her movements were swift
I smiled and prayed with a tear in my eyes
"God bless her for she is my blood
My Sister from another Mother n Father"

Friday, June 12, 2009

For your Dad once lived a lie..

Everyday was a new day
For I was an optimist
Every girl I met were sweet
For they had a sweet heart
I didn't know when I fell in real love

I walked miles and years passed,
I am back to square one with a girl beside
Who is she? for I had to find an answer
Was she my friend for whom I stayed by?
I knew I loved her but didn't know she was my life

Days passed by with her beside
She stood at a distance to which I stretched out
I wave my hands in vague with a hope to touch her
I can see her. I cant reach her..
She stayed away like a mirage.

Once she was close and then I opened up my heart
For then she took me light but I stayed firm
With all that I did, I walked by holding our 9 years
I had a chance to tell her again what she was to me...
But this time she had to speak about her love

My words of love was breezed off,
The moving pictures did lie
For I had told my love but lost it in due
I made her smile, I made her laugh
For her I was a friend...

I told her the truths,
Never thought to loose her..
Now I stand with a Lady,
Whom you call Mother
What should I call her Son...?

For the love of my life was once..
For whom I kept away my joy...
For whom I quit my daily fag..
She had moved on with a stranger..
Now I am with your Mom

You called me Dad and called me your hero
For I was a looser in Love
But that should never happen with you
For you are my Son who should change things
For your Dad once lived a lie..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

"That Uncle once proposed me..."

I woke up one day and wished myself a good day,
I smiled and thanked God for a new day
I smiled and prayed to lord...
Oh God, I have nothing to pray for
Bless her for I know she needs you more than me...

I miss her, but she don't...
I have heard, one should speak out your love
What did I do wrong, for she laughs at my love..
I lived with a hope that she would return one day..
Now the hopes are blown in wind.

To whom shall I compare her,
For there is nothing better than her..
I can't die for I would be a looser
Now I have her within a distance
Every moment with her seems blessed...

God, wish the time don't pass,
I know my prayer is in vain,
For I am Kane and she has her love
I stand here holding my hands open,
For I know she will need me once...

Time heals all pain and when she needs me,
Will I be there? Will I love her then?
To die one day is my destiny...
To die with her would be my luck...
To forget her a moment is my failure...

Cry not my dear, for I am there beside,
For I have heard a true friend stays in life like a shadow.
Let your life be blessed for my prayers would keep you happy,
Let your love value you more like a gem,
For one day you might tell your kids
"That Uncle once proposed me..."

I am a friend whom you can cry on,
I am a friend whom you can be you,
I am a friend who can make you smile,
I am a friend who will be your friend,
For you have a love and a destiny to be set.

I will have a share for you in my heart
For a room occupied can never be vacated.
And when you read this,
Do smile for I want you to be happy,
For this is a song sang to entertain.
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