Monday, January 5, 2009

...Love quotes once prepared by me for my love...

These are the quotes which I had once prepared back in good old days... these never reached my love and still lies on my mobile... These are words that just came out of my mind... it wont be appreciable... But it speaks words from my illiterate, weak heart... a heart which never spoke for it feared of loosing my love... Now don't criticize me... If I ever spoke, I am sure that even our friendship would have broke... Few of my messages are still on circulation through the great lovers who use mobile as a medium of expressing their love... I had prepared few of these quotes for my friends... Now just read it...

Hey Beauty Where In heaven were you born?
Did Angels know the time you fell to this earth?
I still hear them cry above?
Their pursuit to find you is in vague.
Neither Angels nor the devils will take you from me
In my love You will always stay.

When time goes swift, life gets shorter....
When sun Hides, night falls...
With u in my heart I can conquer time and Sun...
Sun would be my slave and time would be my servant..

Rain's Kiss brings blossom,
Early Sun's Kiss brings Life and Beauty,
Yet my Lips thirsts for your kiss,
It brings meaning and spirit for life.
Let the beauty of Your lips shine on mine....

I would die I would live,
Your Single word can bring magic.
I can create, I can destroy, but not a heart sweet as Your's...
God has made your heart for me, let me have it forever....

Love is a dish.
Smell is the passion, taste is the Kiss,
When served it is the meaning of life,
When held within it is the poison of life....

I care not the long days,
I care not the long nights,
With you in my life each moment would be Great...
I can walk miles for you, I can die for you,
Just a word or a Glimpse would give me Life....

To die one day is my destiny...
To die with you would be my luck...
To dream about you all day is my job...
To forget you a moment is my failure...
Love you dear...

Love is not just a word,
It is the rhythm of the Universe,
It is the nectar that brings bee to the flower,
It is the secret of Peace...
Above all it is the key that unlocks my heart for you...

Girl is the beauty of nature
She is the spell that unlocks hearts
She is the rhythm of heart
She finds place in History and in future
She breaks hearts and walks away without even turning back
She writes ones future...

Friendship is the best ship but a tiny hole in it can sink the whole ship, even if its just a bucket of water.

There is no friendship without care....
There is no love without sacrifice....
And there is no life without love....
True love demands sacrificed...
And I have sacrificed my love for your happiness.... (Now that's for my sis)

Sun is far from sea, still it meets at horizon...
Phoenix flies to Sun, but burns its wings, still it flies again...
The distance between you and me is really huge, still I feel you close...
You are in my heart, I don't have to wait to meet you...

Day is so long... Night is too short...
I want to dream and God is against...
My Nights are not mine, You have taken them...
My heart is no longer mine, You have stolen it...

Let my love for you form a rainbow in your path.
Let my care provide shade in your life.
Let my prayers protect you always... Have a Nice Day..

Rasthe mein kante ho tho utathe kyoon nahi...?
Dil mein Koyi aur ho tho bathathe kyoon nahi...?
Akhele bethe hum tumhe yaad karte hain padayi ke bahane..,
Mein... Mann ko rokh nahi pathe tho rothe hain sar dard ke bahane...
Phir bhi meri jaan, tumhari koi khabar nahi aathi...

Its madness to hate all roses cos u got scratched by one thorn..
To give up all your dreams cos one didn't come true...
To loose faith in prayers cos one was not answered..
To give up on your efforts cos one of them failed..
To condemn all your friends cos one betrayed you...
Not to believe in love cos someone was unfaithful or didn't love you back...
Remember that another chance may come up, a new friend,
A new love, a new life... Never give up... Great Life ahead...! (This is adopted-I have no rights on this)

In the Mission of existence you often feel it impossible,
Then don't feel broken, Just smile at your destiny and feel confident cos you have got me to embrace you and comfort you.

Good Looks capture Brain,
Good thoughts capture Heart,
Good Actions capture place in History,
Good Love Captures Soul,
But I seriously don't know what in you had captured my Life....

The flowing river has a rhythm,
Moving train has a rhythm,
Heart has a rhythm...
Some friends help you to maintain the rhythm whereas some gives an attack.
You have helped me to maintain it even after an attack.
Thanks for being my friend...

What is Great Love?
Its when You hide tears and still you care for her,
Its when She ignores You and still You Love her.

When my life got busy, I saw a person waiting for me...
Even when I hurt her, she had no complaints...
When I tried to find someone to care, she held her arms open for me...
Even when I erred, She said.... "Son you will never be wrong for God is beside you"...
She said nothing when I got home with a report card that had an "E"...
I had seen her in her prayer room... With a smile she strengthened me...
With a gesture she corrected me... And her prayers were not in vain...
I made it... For I knew whoever parts, my Mom would stay by...
Cos she had loved me the moment I was in her womb...
And I only loved her the moment I opened my eyes...
Mom I love you....

Please Approach with Caution for here lies the dead who has sold his heart to his lady and the soul to the cupids in exchange of love.

If i close my eyes forever, i want you to be the last person i meet so that I will just have u in my eyes and in my soul...

These are few thoughts that just came into my mind... Hope its worth reading....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What I learned from my past relationships...

" Life spend with someone for a lifetime may be meaningless...But a few moments spend with someone who really loves u means......More than life itself !!"

" To PeoPle I FoRget, yOU wEreN't oN mY MinD fOr SoME rEasOn aNd YoU ProBably Don'T DeSerVe AnY tHanKs aNywaY... "

" Live life the way it is... Everyone commits sins... But not all decides to repent and correct... "

" He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals... "

" If you have a dream and really want to achieve it, look at the world with an open mind and you will recognize all the signs and all the people that will help you along the way...."

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you,
never give up then,
for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

When my care and love was not realized and cared for, why should I feel sad… I m gonna move on… For all who had took me wrong I have one thing to tell…

“Sometimes some people get me wrong
when it's something I've said or done
sometimes you feel there is no fun
that's why you turn and run
but now I truly realise
some people don't wanna compromise
well I saw them with my own eyes spreading those lies
and well I don't wanna live a lie, too many sleepless nights
not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say lady...

I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away oh to find a better day
I'm walking away”

This is just to keep me alive and to keep moving… for me life holds greater responsibilities… I have no time to make anyone realize who I am or how much sincere I have been as a friend or a brother…

...Few Points for a happy life...

Live with

♥God♥ = ♥Father + Son + Holy Spirit♥
♥God♥ = ♥Mom + Dad + Siblings♥
♥God♥ = ♥Ma Shadow♥
♥God♥ = ♥Ma true Friends♥
♥God♥ = ♥All Ma Fiends♥

let the pyramid or the hierarchy be set in this same order... then and only then would happiness be ur slave... God followed by ur parents and ur dear blood relations followed by yourself then your friends and finally your own enemies...

God strengthens you...

Parents support you, guide you and would stay by you as their love is the purest form on earth...
Your Shadow was born with you... Love your self only then will you find joy in everything around you...

Friends support you and stand by you... Be wise to choose the right company... If you are good and you decide to be good, even the company of the devils wont harm you nor would they change you...

Fiends or the enemies are required... As they help you to strengthen yourselves... they help you to find your weakness... It would be wise to keep enemies on watch as they are a vital source for improvement...

I m not a matured old guy... but my experiences have taught me lessons... It has taken me so far... I shall not turn back to see what all I have lost as it would only bring tears to my eyes and would let me waste time... I would look forward for what I can do and what I can be... I shall not stop till I carry out my responsibilities...

100 reasons for why should one stay single...

...When you are single...

1.You get the whole couch to yourself.

2.There's half as much housework, cooking, and cleaning to do.

3.You can watch whatever TV channel you like, without arguments.

4.You can get home from work at whatever time you like.

5.You get to eat the whole ?meal for two? by yourself.

6.There are fewer important birthdays (spouse, kids, spouse?s parents,
etc) and no anniversaries to accidentally forget.

7.Without a spouse you have can still have a decent social life in your 30s.

8.You don't keep catching every sniffle, cold and flu bug that your
spouse brings home.

9.You don?t have to live halfway between your workplace and your
spouse?s workplace.

10.Once you?re married most of your friends will also be married, and
coincidentally (like you, if you marry) they will mostly be staying
home with their own spouse?s instead of hanging out with you.

11.You can lie in bed in the morning for as long as you like.

12.Nobody sees what you look like first thing in the morning.

13.No soap operas (of sports shows, depending on male vs. female perhaps)

14.You can throw your dirty socks on the floor where they belong.

15.There?s no pressure to make the bed in the morning

16.You don?t have to worry about what the bathroom smells like when
you walk out of it.

17.You know where the bar of soap has been

18.You don?t have to put out Christmas lights if you don?t want to

19.When you?re single the lawn looks a lot better when the grass is longer

20.No one snores

21.Folding clothes??.No thank you

22.There?s no fight for remote control ownership.

23.Smelly socks and skiddy underwear are not that big of an issue when
you?re only washing your own.

24.On your way out you know that you?re shoes are right where you took
them off yesterday.

25.We can stay in the shower as long as we want and don?t have to
worry about conserving hot water for a spouse (or kids).

26.You can do laundry ? or not.

27.You don't have to shave if you don?t want to.

28.You don?t have to share your razor with anyone

29.You don't have to buy Valentines/birthday/Mother's day cards.

30.You won?t have anyone saying 'you're not going to wear that, are you?'

31.If your married and no fashion sense your spouse thinks you?re a
moron. If you?re single and have no fashion sense people think you are

32.Burning the food is not a big deal.

33.You?re not as accountable to anyone - if I want to do something, I just do it!

34.If you mess up your finances you have no one to blame but yourself.

35.You ALWAYS know EXACTLY how much is in your checking account.

36.You get the whole bed to yourself.

37.You can watch a late show on the bedroom TV and no one complains.

38.There are no unexplainable moods to contend with.

39.You have much more freedom to choose.

40.If there?s dribble on your pillow you know where it came from.

41.You never have to say where you've been or what you've been doing.

42.There?s no curfew.

43.You never have to hide anything in your shopping cart under other stuff.

44.You can spend all you want or all you have ? it doesn?t matter.

45.You never have to worry about saying what you think, or having to
pretend you?re thinking something that you?re not.

46.You can be rude if that?s in you?re nature.

47.You can eat what YOU want.

48.You can join a gym because you want to, not because your spouse is
embarrassed by the way you look.

49.If you get fired from work you?re not considered a loser ? just unemployed.

50.You can have friends over who behave outrageously whenever you want.

51.You don't have to worry about what sort of food to buy and you can
eat whatever you want, whenever you choose.

52.You can surf the internet till you?re eyes fall out if you want to.

53.You can listen to your favorite tunes in the house or in the car
and no one fiddles with the station or complains about your taste in

54.You can spend all night on the phone without having to justify it.

55.You can go to bed when you please ? or not.

56.You can read all night if you want to.

57.No one criticizes the condition of your car or expects you to wash it.

58.There's plenty of space in the closet.

59.You don't have to pretend that you?re interested in what happened
to your spouse at work today.

60.When you?re single there is a LOT less drama in your life!

61.You can make a mess ? and leave it that way.

62.You can drink wine out of a bottle or milk right out of the jug
whenever you like.

63.You don't have to write cards on anyone?s behalf for birthdays or Christmas.

64.You don?t have to excuse your behavior to a spouse.

65.You can pass gas at will.

66.When you?re single your opinion is always the best opinion.

67.You never have disagreements with what a spouse when you?re single.

68.When you?re single you can enjoy great performances of gay
musicians and actors without getting that ?eye-rolling? thing from
your spouse.

69.You don't have to listen to your spouse pant every time their
favorite actor or musician comes on the television.

70.When you?re single you can flush ? or not.

71.You can put the lid up or put the lid down ? it?s up to you.
Whatever you did last is exactly how it will be when you return next
time ? just the way you like it.

72.Dragon breath in the morning is no big deal when you?re single.

73.If you?re single you can eat right out of the refrigerator and no one cares.

74.You don?t have to share ANYTHING with ANYONE.

75.No in-laws (this one speaks for itself)

76.Las Vegas is back on the list of vacation considerations.

77.Grow your nails, cut your nails ? it doesn?t matter.

78.Pajamas or not ? doesn?t matter.

79.Sweatpants and baggy shirt ? no one cares.

80.The best parking spot is ALWAYS yours for the taking.

81.Cooking your own meals never ceases to be an adventure, and never
starts becoming punishment.

82.You can actually tell the bartender, "If anyone calls asking for me
tell them I'm HERE baby!"

83.When you?re single you can paint the town instead of the house.

84.When you get home after work, you don't have to start work again.

85.You can tell people you?re single and not have to lie about it.

86.You?ll never have to trade your interest in miniskirts for minivans.

87.You?ll save about $400,000 in grocery bills alone over the next 20
years if you stay single.

88.College? You didn?t pay for yours so why would you volunteer to pay
for someone else?s?

89.When you?re single you get to keep ALL the money.

90.When you?re single you get to hold the actual credit card and not just the bill.

91.If you are so inclined you can see a different face when you wake
up in the morning, every day of the week!

92.When you?re single going to a strip club doesn't have to be a covert mission.

93.You can come home drunk and not have to pretend you?re sober.

94.You can use your own name at hotels.

95.When you?re single you can tell the person criticizing your driving
to ?get out!?

96.When asked for their opinion, a single person can say "Yeah?you ARE fat!".

97.When you?re single you can lick the spoon and keep on stirring like
nothing happened.

98.When you?re single you never miss all the things you used to be
able to do before you got married.

99.Married people with gray hair are thought of as old and tired, but
single people with gray hair are considered wise and distinguished.

100.Finally, when you?re single you can enjoy the silence any time you want
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