Monday, June 28, 2010

Today is not my day

Late I slept, for the work had killed me,
The night seemed short for I slept li'l.
Before the alarm, a call woke me up,
Knowing it to be my Mom's,
I answered with a smile.

Little did I recognize the place I was in,
I failed to recognize my room.
The news was loud and clear,
"Dad has gone to be with Jesus!"
I sat up on my bed for I still couldn't believe.

I asked her where she was,
For which she said, "I am home."
I rushed for a shower,
Came back to my room and informed a few.
My fingers stopped when it reached a number so special.

Rushed out my home, took my drive out
and hit the road real hard.
My eyes were filled and could barely see the road,
But was sure for "Today is not my day"
My heart kept saying "Today is not my day"

I reached the home where my Grandpa lay still,
A man who never stayed idle, now lay frozen.
A man who never liked being touched 
was now being attended by his kids.
There he lay abreast with a pride unknown.

My senses were back for now I was not to rest,
Entire family stood in mourning.
He was stubborn till his death,
Embraced an elegant death with wisdom.
Now the faces around me lost their smile,

There lay the man who once was a roaring lion,
There lay the man who touched hearts with a smile,
There lay the man who once spoke the words of wisdom,
There lay the man in silence awaiting his judgement.
There lay the man in peace.

It was a surprise to see his grey hair having turned black,
It was a surprise to see him five years younger,
His body was no more weak, his eyes weren't sunk,
He lay still which made me believe he wasn't dead.
For a moment I felt like waking him up.

A good son, a good man,
A good husband, a good dad,
A good grandpa were how we identified him.
With his great service he served all with love.
Now is not my time. I have to live in the path he showed.

I shalt live, live long to keep his pride high and flying.
I shalt live, to tell the tales of my grandpa.
I shalt live, to win the hearts of a million.
I shalt rest when the God would ask me to.
But today I would say, "Today is definitely not my Day"

A tribute to my Grandpa Mr. M.V. Francis, Retd. Superintendent of High Court, Enquiry Commission Officer. A Grandpa who gave me such a wonderful Mom.. Love you lot Appacha and love you lot Mom....

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