Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cant the world be of the pure and good?

The night seemed to cry,
The wind blew hard drawing my curtains apart,
I felt great for the night was now cool
I hoped for a sound sleep.

Never thought to be disturbed,
for I had a nightmare.
Something that I couldn't explain
and I woke up and waited for dawn

I saw my bike being hit hard
there was a chapel, the one near my Brother's home.
What is it got to do,
for it was just me who met with the accident

Didn't know how the nightmare had cast it's spell
Instead of a day with hope,
I started my day disturbed.
Not knowing the actual reason

The news came in few hours,
My dearest Brother had met his death,
A death that drained me,
A death that strangled me.

I wished it was a wrong info,
Spoke to my Mom and I heard her weep.
Dad who was strong, rushed to his home,
The news wasn't fake, I have lost my Bro...

I probably realized the care of a Bro through him,
Being at a distance he soothed my pain,
I had little to speak for his smile would heal,
I had lot to share and now I stand alone.

Whom would I call for comfort,
Whom would I smile when I am at church,
Whom would I tease forgetting my flaws,
Wish I had him beside...

God, I know things happen for good,
Can you tell me one good reason 4 his parting.
Is the world meant for the sinners like me?
Cant the world be of the pure and good?

With unseen joy, unseen glory,
He bid good bye, to a world that love him.
Death for the dead would be a comfort,
but for the world he gifts pain.

Martin Chetta... Loved you and will always love you Chetta...


Ellen said...

Wonderful words in beautiful phrases...that too coming from someone so young...INCREDIBLE!!! Our next Shakespeare from India :) Keep it up. Hope you can bring love, passion, faith, hope and encouragement in the hearts of those who read them. God bless...

riju said...

we can pray for martin chettan,and i know how much u luv him,most beautiful flower he(god) took from your garden and kept in heaven

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