Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Sister from another Mother n Father

From my childhood
I longed for a Sister,
Years later God blessed me.
He blessed me with a sister
A Sister from another Mother n Father

At school many identified
us to be the same blood
God, you did bless me with the best moments
Time did pass by n we lived our lives
with a strong bond and blessed by God...

I lost my Sister for we did become someone's envy
Being the eldest I pulled her back
Everything seemed well
Until our relation was again put on test
I cried this time for I was sure to loose

Years had I lived alone,
Now when things have changed
I stand helpless, for I see her stand away
I could again pull her back
But now I won't, for I should keep her happy

Let she hate me,
Let she not understand,
One day when I am gone she would know my li'l secret
And then I don't want her to cry
For I had only longed for her joy

Years later I saw her again at a college,
Like always I felt her presence,
I saw my blood pass by,
She brushed the wind and went past
God was I wrong?

I stepped into the corridor
Hoping her to turn around,
For her movements were swift
I smiled and prayed with a tear in my eyes
"God bless her for she is my blood
My Sister from another Mother n Father"


jithmatt said...

Cute...Genuine...but Cliche !!!...what else to say

Angel said... thats really the words from a loving heart.abt something real.........hey that really makes one sad while reading.but just pray 4 her coz none of our prayers wud b wasted.u itself hav told me that in life every problem has got a solution.rt?just hav faith in god &hope 4 the best!

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