Sunday, June 21, 2009

How lame a divorce can be...

The world seemed to strangle us,
I stood in the hallway of the court for mercy.
None seemed to show mercy,
For we were blamed for our lives.

I looked at my girl who hugged me hard,
She had her Mother's features.
How could she forget our girl,
for she was the gift of our love.

I looked at the lady whom I had made part of my life,
She stood with her family at a distance,
Though the distance seemed few meters,
Our hearts were strangely apart.

A divorce was what she wanted,
for she always felt that I had no time for her,
A girl whom when I invited to my life,
took her to be granted.

We were one and so I lived for her.
Until I had greater promises from work.
Career came prior sometime
Not knowing what I was loosing I moved.

One day the work seemed less
and there I took a cab home.
The door of my home was close,
I opened the door with my spare key.

I walked into my room and stretched out,
There lay a note on the dressing table.
"I amd leaving for I cant live more with you,
Your daughter is with your sister."

The reason seemed lame,
for a divorce on a topic was dumb.
I have my daughter and now
here I stand with my soul in my hand...

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riju said...

family life is god gift,we should thankful to him, try to make ur life happy

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