Thursday, June 4, 2009

"That Uncle once proposed me..."

I woke up one day and wished myself a good day,
I smiled and thanked God for a new day
I smiled and prayed to lord...
Oh God, I have nothing to pray for
Bless her for I know she needs you more than me...

I miss her, but she don't...
I have heard, one should speak out your love
What did I do wrong, for she laughs at my love..
I lived with a hope that she would return one day..
Now the hopes are blown in wind.

To whom shall I compare her,
For there is nothing better than her..
I can't die for I would be a looser
Now I have her within a distance
Every moment with her seems blessed...

God, wish the time don't pass,
I know my prayer is in vain,
For I am Kane and she has her love
I stand here holding my hands open,
For I know she will need me once...

Time heals all pain and when she needs me,
Will I be there? Will I love her then?
To die one day is my destiny...
To die with her would be my luck...
To forget her a moment is my failure...

Cry not my dear, for I am there beside,
For I have heard a true friend stays in life like a shadow.
Let your life be blessed for my prayers would keep you happy,
Let your love value you more like a gem,
For one day you might tell your kids
"That Uncle once proposed me..."

I am a friend whom you can cry on,
I am a friend whom you can be you,
I am a friend who can make you smile,
I am a friend who will be your friend,
For you have a love and a destiny to be set.

I will have a share for you in my heart
For a room occupied can never be vacated.
And when you read this,
Do smile for I want you to be happy,
For this is a song sang to entertain.


afshan said...

its gud ..but in all ur writings u cast urself as "mr lonely"..wen u r not so...

riju said...

nice one,really cute

elizebeth said...

gud 1... but don think any gurl wud say tht 2 her kid...

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