Sunday, June 14, 2009

I need your miscalls....?

Up in my room I sat with my Laptop
I heard my landline ring...
Mom answered, for I was sure it wasn't for me
My Cellphone was idle for days...

I wished my phone to glow,
But it only glowed when I put it on charge.
Days were all boring,
For it's all silence that I hear around

The voice of silence scare me,
for it has no life and no promise.
I sat the whole day typing
messages for her..

I typed a message and saved it in my cell,
my last message to let her know my love.
We are friends and we stayed by,
The more we stood the more I loved.

Now I wait for her miscalls,
For once I told her,
When you realize you are alive give a miscall
When you know you are dying give a miscall
For I will come along with you to the life after

A miscall makes me think of you,
A message tells me your thought,
Your pics make me nostalgic
The silence around tells me I need you..

Today you have found your love,
when you walked out of my life,
I dint stop for I cared for your happiness.
But I need your miscalls...

It breaks the silence and tells me
"Your friend remembers you...
Cheer up for she is still there as your friend"
Be happy for I will sacrifice my happiness for you..
I just need your miscalls...


jithmatt said...

WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW! It was indeed Jaw Dropping ...M@@@n you made it you have become a poet...and am GENUINE you know that ...lovely
it just could communicate I could feel it !!! I felt so good reading those...and if YOU KNOW WHO is reading this "...girl I gotta tell ya sth...this guy LOVES U a lot..."

afshan said...

awesum....felt like reading it again n again...gud wrk jiths...

riju said...

its reallyyyyy touching, i think everybody go through the same situation in life,hope everything will be come for good

anu said...

hey.. this wz awesome jithu... somewhr smetym i too 've experiencd it.. :) good work.. keep it up.. u poet..

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