Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Curse of an Angel

I dread the long streets with hope,
Hoped a new Sun to rise.
I remembered my promises
The ones I made to my dear ones...

Now I walk away from all
For I felt I had lost my destiny
My future seemed unclear
My clothes are rugged...

The long run had its toil on me
A moments stop with my girl
is all what I remember to comfort
Why does she live a lie...

Some live in truth,
some live in lie cos of fear,
She curses her for her state..
For an angel's curse is never devastating

An Angel's curse is short lived
An Angel is spoilt in his love,
Get up, we have lot to dread
and you have lost your angel...

Without a Guardian I walk
Self defense is all what I have to stop crying
I can move on, but can I ever forget her?
Life's ends don't seem to meet
For An Angel has cursed...

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