Friday, June 12, 2009

For your Dad once lived a lie..

Everyday was a new day
For I was an optimist
Every girl I met were sweet
For they had a sweet heart
I didn't know when I fell in real love

I walked miles and years passed,
I am back to square one with a girl beside
Who is she? for I had to find an answer
Was she my friend for whom I stayed by?
I knew I loved her but didn't know she was my life

Days passed by with her beside
She stood at a distance to which I stretched out
I wave my hands in vague with a hope to touch her
I can see her. I cant reach her..
She stayed away like a mirage.

Once she was close and then I opened up my heart
For then she took me light but I stayed firm
With all that I did, I walked by holding our 9 years
I had a chance to tell her again what she was to me...
But this time she had to speak about her love

My words of love was breezed off,
The moving pictures did lie
For I had told my love but lost it in due
I made her smile, I made her laugh
For her I was a friend...

I told her the truths,
Never thought to loose her..
Now I stand with a Lady,
Whom you call Mother
What should I call her Son...?

For the love of my life was once..
For whom I kept away my joy...
For whom I quit my daily fag..
She had moved on with a stranger..
Now I am with your Mom

You called me Dad and called me your hero
For I was a looser in Love
But that should never happen with you
For you are my Son who should change things
For your Dad once lived a lie..

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