Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"What did you do for us?"

The room was dark but cozy,
The room smelled good with her fragrance,
I stretched for I had nothing to do,
She sat beside and turned around.

Now its a break from work
for there was a power failure,
I saw her face in the glow of monitor,
She smiled and we spoke about our past.

Having a Major in my life she asked,
From all the people who had moved out your life,
whom would you long to return.
She was already with me so it wasn't she..

Had lived few years with a naughty girl,
A girl for whom I felt living my life wasn't wrong.
Living for a girl friend would be sick,
But I had lived with my Sister...

Few know the reason for why I am here,
Few know what I had done for few lives,
But people tend to forget the meaning of life,
We live lives hoping everything around is right.

"What did you do for us?"
A question that bothered me for the past few years
I am bad at accounting both in Commerce and in life,
Living for your life needs no accounting.

Now is the time to move on,
But every moment I am reminded,
Reminded of a girl to whom I made promises,
A girl who once said there are relations stronger than blood.

Now I see the promises shattered,
We are living in our spheres,
The spheres which would never meet,
The days are long and disturbing...
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