Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes! Yes...! I am not alone...

Yes I cried loud alone,
Guess I was all alone
I was lost in my thoughts
Was I ever a looser..

Then I met this girl
In a pub with my friend
She was alone with a beer
I stepped up said my name

Oh! Do I know you?
No! No! No! I am just a bearer
Here to deliver an order.
Guess you are at the wrong table

Well, I might be but I have a smile for you
She said, Oh God not again,
I said lets step out and talk,
She came out and cried on me...

Oh God, how can comfort her,
Can she see my heart bleed..
The days that followed blinded us in love
Now I know... "we are alone..."
Yes! Yes...! I am not alone...


jithmatt said...

is it a mockery of words and feelings...solitude or loneliness is not sth thats associated with a beer bottle it has that divine lining that actually makes it productive...sth in which there is a discovery underlying...meeting a girl at the pub can it banish your lonliness ?? if yes then its a mockery of the word...VERY critical I know sorry for that not its time for a pat
I like the way in which you put two lonely souls together and then making them realise that since both arwe lonely ...they aren't actually lonely....
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Afshan said...

Now this sounds like a song... with rhyming words... but ends just like tht..

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