Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What did I gain Oh Lord?

Born with the silver spoon,
I had little to moan.
Saw the pain of people around
And I knew one day I would cry.
The cry of pain and thirst for survival.

Years had passed and I saw things change,
The smell of favorite cuisines tickled my nose.
I turned around for I was born to rule,
Not to drool on someone Else's food.
Things have changed, changes I can't stand

The thought to live, the thought to win,
drove me to distances I never dreamed of.
The paths I traveled had stains of blood,
I turned around and realized bleeding feet.
Now I stand high with thanks to God.

I have heard of the nature to support,
I have heard of God who bless mankind.
I have seen people help the weak.
Now I stretch out my hand,
The hand that once pleaded mercy is now offering.

I have lost worth, but gained the best,
Things have changed and have settled my unrest mind,
But the loss of my naughty girl shudders me,
A Sister who changed my life stands away.
When things have changed the pain still remain.

Yes Lord, being your follower I sinned,
I loved her more than you,
Won't it be forgiven for its love you taught.
Can I not stand up for her?
Let the loss of my life be balanced.

Is it the wealth and joy I gained?
What is joy without the ones whom I love?
I can see my Sister but can't have her,
I can see my Love, the love who can never accept me
What did I gain Oh Lord?


riju said...

oh its really nice, ur thoughts are gr8888888

Angel said...

well....kutta...u r really gr8!
but let me say god has got plans 4 each of us, which is not 4 harm but 4 good.maybe we can hope that the "change" at present wud b 4 something really really wonderful &priceless in u'r future.hope 4 the best......& b gr8ful to god 4 everything..4 all the joy &sorrows....!may god bless u abundantly 4 ever!

Vavaa said...

What r u trying 2 say in this bro...??where is ur sister??Is she alive??

Anonymous said...

she is alive and i am her!

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