Friday, July 17, 2009

Can you smile when she cries?

Born in a nation with beauty,
I never knew what my nation stood for.
The moments of joy and glory,
Were the gifts I gained from the host.

Years later I saw my nation,
A nation that had promises undead.
Now living in the nation with pain,
A pain that can be healed only by its kids.

Tonight I weep, for my nation suffers,
With many of its men being brutal.
I came back for my nation,
With a hope to repay my nation.

Gained a little, but seen many.
Many who stood for the nation,
Died young for they loved us.
We see none but see ourselves.

Some see the enemy within,
to wage a war against our brothers..
Can we stand up, can we not call out,
The names of the men who made us proud

Tonight I see my nation stay bowed,
For her children betrayed her.
Her love is no more felt,
Wake up for this is our love.

Wake up all lovers, for she is your love.
Wake up all looser, for she will bring glory.
Wake up all men, for she made your life.
Stand up for a nation that bought you up.

I stay alone, with a hope to change,
Change the nation where I live.
The nation for whom all my world revolved.
Can you smile when she cries?

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