Sunday, December 20, 2009

That night with you and me...

The night was bathed in moonlight,
Music of silence was heard loud.
Here we stood in the midst of nowhere,
Just me and her, bound in love and trust.

I moved closer to take her arms in mine.
I felt her palm cold in shiver.
I touched her lips and saw her tremble.
I felt her breath warm and sweet.

Tonight my soul was to be freed,
The sorrows and pain were to flee.
I now heard the birds sing,
The song of blessing were heard loud.

I touched her lips, now dry and cold,
My lips had longed for this day,
The day for us to be bound in love and trust.
Our souls were pure, off from lust bound in love.

Rain's Kiss brings blossom,
Early Sun's Kiss brings Life and Beauty,
Yet my Lips thirsts for your kiss,
It brings meaning and spirit to my life.

Let the beauty of your lips shine on mine.
Let your touch adore my body,
Let your trust jewel my soul.
Here I see your dimples in shadows.

Your eyes spoke to me everything you wanted,
Your nasal line brushed mine.

(To be continued...)

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