Thursday, September 15, 2011

One Sister, One life and shalt it be with no mistakes...

So many poems, so many blogs,
Little did they speak about a Sister.
Strange it seemed, for none did perfect,
None could express their love for a Sister.
Now here I am making another vain attempt.

Later last year living a life in pain,
I looked around for things of joy.
With little hopes, I lived loving and caring,
For I knew God had plans for me,
Had little pain, but I high hopes.

Every day I smiled and did pat myself,
Every day I comforted myself.
For one day I was to find a reason to smile.
For one day I was to walk an extra mile.
With those moments of joy to cherish.

There she stood with the need of a hug,
There she stood with a smile of comfort.
There she stood with the eyes filled with tears,
There she stood with a need to be pampered.
Oh Lord! She was a package of love.

Many at times, I saw guys being pampered,
Many at times, I saw them pampering.
But, I just had the chance to be pampered.
Lord, why was I not blessed with an Angel?
Why can I not pamper? Am I a cursed?

Now here after years I see my Sister
All waiting for her Brother.
Weak was she for she needed a Brother's hug
A hug so warm and consoling.
Oh God! What took you so long to bring her to me.

Smile, Smile and never cry is what I chant,
Yet the days were spent with tears and quarrel.
I asked the Lord, "Was I sent for this?"
The Lord just smiled and took me to his lap
and said, "Oh son, tears of joy are what you see in her"

Now I see her smile and I know I have guarded well,
Ivory was she but now she stands all red
Days I lost can never be bought,
But today and tomorrow is what I have.
I shall live and keep you smiling for its a vow.

Oh Sister! Fight less, love more.
Cry less, smile more for the Lord
Shout less, hug more for the Lord
For the Lord who brought us together
Can part us for he might take us fiends.

Weak is my hand but strong for you,
Coward am I but brave for you.
For years of praying has gifted me a Sister
No foolishness of mine should part my blood.
One Sister, One life and shalt it be with no mistakes

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Vavaa said...

miss ya Etta...words can't xplain hw much em missing ya...!!!

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