Thursday, March 1, 2012

...The darkness hugged me hard...

Morning seemed fresh and beautiful,
I could hear the birds chirp through my window
Oh today it might be her day of glory
I never did love nature so much
My oh My.. She is beautiful..

Born a Catholic I did confess yesterday
Little did I have to confess then.
Regular confessions did keep me sin free
My heart felt light and I enjoyed my life
My oh My.. Life is beautiful..

I looked at the mirror today,
Oh! I am handsome. Looks do win hearts
Today I was at my best but li'l pale
Some use them wise, some use them wild
My oh My.. I used them smart..

I kissed the floor and looked around my room
There was a drawing at a corner.
My son used to draw such ones on our walls.
I walked towards it, this was different and painful.
My oh My.. I miss my son..

I sat on the chair and took the box in hand
Which was given to me last day.
It had my favorite Cuban Cigar.
Knowing it a sign of bad etiquette, I smelled the cigar
My oh My.. It tasted better this day.

My name was called and health was checked
And they said I was at my best.
This brought no smile on me nor on him.
Our eyes were filled for he knew me well.
My oh My.. He made me cold and weak.

I walked down the corridor with short steps
I was weak and felt my heart to pound hard
Was I to die or was I to live?
No miracle awaits me for this day was sure.
My oh My.. When will the truth be proved?

The base creaked loud in a room so silent
I stood there and looked at people so cold
None spoke for moments which made me hear my heart
It seemed to panic for even the last hopes were off
My oh My.. Why are the moments merciless?

After reading out my crime a man walked beside,
He put a cloth blocking my vision.
His words made me smile. "Sorry I have to do this.."
From then I heard my heart and saw the color of death
My oh My.. Death was dark and its steps pounded.

Moments did pass and I heard a man shout,
"Stop! This man should be freed"
Those words would have been the words of joy.
But it seemed to have born from my hopes.
The actual words said ,"Hang him now..."

The darkness hugged me hard and silence prevailed


Arun Krishnan R said...

Proud to be your student, SIR!!! :) God bless you..

Arun Krishnan R said...

Such an excellent work dear..!! :)

kiddykid said...

Gr8 poem dear....Keep up ur writing it...and love u!

Gino Aphraim said...

Proud to be your brother..... Jithu... really proud....

Jithuu Shree said...


Its strange to know
Yet gotta believe
I am jithuu shree
I love to write
I post few in my blog
I call my writing my scribbling

Jithuu says "I liked your scribbling Jithu"

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