Monday, July 6, 2009

For I can sing no more....

Once I heard my voice echo,
It pleaded for mercy.
I shouted back for I hated mercy.
I heard my voice plead.

Blend with pain, my voice moaned,
It had request and words to please.
Days of joy and freedom was felt no more,
For things have changed and here I stand.

Friend was a thought, a theory unproved.
In a city where people greed
Had no stories of friendship.
Things moved and words of fury did breed.

For life is long and things change,
some bonds break for not to unite.
Some bonds break for a hope to unite.
And some break just to strengthen.

I can sing no more, for my throat is dry.
The mercy was taken, grace was forbidden
The thought of a friend scares me more,
For now I live with a hope to move.

Life won't stop for it has a pace,
If you win it's your fate.
If you loose the ones close would moan,
For I can sing no more....

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Jithuu Shree said...

Its strange,
Yet gotta believe,
My name is jithuu shree,
and I have a blog too,
I post few of my writing there,
I call my writing scribbling too.

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