Saturday, July 25, 2009


Left in my room with moments joy,
I wait holding the gadget,
A gadget that helped me see her,
A gadget that spoke her heart.

I spoke the words that came from heart,
What stopped her is a mystery.
Is it love or does she feel I am her friend.
I rejoice for I have her...

But the joy was short lived,
The words that once soothed, now hurts.
I have feelings for I am human.
I feel you from a distance unknown.

When you turned around,
I prayed to lord for your joy.
Now you blame me for a reason unknown.
Can I not be the reason of joy?

I deserve respect, a dignity,
Which I believe is my right so is yours.
Man or Woman deserves respect,
A heart intoxicated.

Face may hide your pains,
Thoughts might gift you pain.
Your intoxicated smile
Whispers to my ears...

Wherever you are...
Whoever stays by you...
Your smile is intoxicated...
Don’t let them be washed by toxins...

1 comment:

lakshmi said...

i liked th usage..intoxicated smile....quite impressive..u need to hav it intoxicated,yet wit a lil sweetness to keep going in life...

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